I’m usually at home with my 19 month old. That’s about 12-15 hours a day (she’s a great sleeper).  I don’t want to rely on the television to entertain or teach her, so I’ve created a list of things that we do (or have done) to stimulate her.  In the summer months, we had more flexibility with going outside and going to zoos, botanic gardens, beaches, parks and playgrounds. Now, in the heart of winter, I’ve been able to get creative with our time. She really enjoys it. 

This is a growing list…that I keep in my phone for reference.

  • Paint
  • Read
    • board books, flip books, electronic books
  • Bouncer in the doorway
  • Yoga
  • Montessori activities (CHECK PINTEREST!!)
  • Make food together (smoothies are her favorite) with very descriptive instructions
  • Color with crayons
    • or use different surfaces for coloring
  • Puzzles
  • Go for a walk around the block/ Nature walk.
    • Count cars, buses, look at the colors of cars, count trees, say hello to birds and neighbors alike
  • Make music (sings songs, instruments, finding different surfaces for the sounds they make)
  • Dance party
  • Finger puppetry
  • Sing her favorite songs – perhaps with said puppets (ie Old McDonald, Wheels On The Bus etc)
  • Make instruments AND THEN make music
  • Ball play (kick toss roll)
  • Legos
  • Have her help clean up
    • Anything where she’s involved and feels like an asset is her favorite
  • Go out to eat (just for practice)
  • (Try to) meditate – she’s getting lotus and ohm down quite nicely
  • Potty train – or whatever developmental step is next


We don’t do ALL these things everyday but we damnsure do at least one everyday. If you want to add to the list, please do. We could use more and more things to do!