In “New Moms Be Doing The Most” news:

I give my daughter these puffs (1) to snack on and work on her motor skills . The gift that keeps on giving, those things. Then one day I thought to myself, “I bet I can make them myself, but with better ingredients.” So I head on down to Pinterest – the Internet leader in “all things perfect that you really don’t have the time or energy to make, do, or cook.” I found a simple recipe based on the things in had in the cabinet/fridge. I had MOST of the ingredients, so I started my little project.

I made my mixture and needed to put them on a baking pan. Without a pastry thing, I cut a hole in a ziplock bag (2) for “puff-like” distribution (3). I baked them and the first batch wasn’t “puffy” at allllll (4). Just little sweet potato/broccoli chips – if that.

It turned out to be way too much work for some damn puffs- and they didn’t turn out as magically as Pinterest let on – so I just put the rest in her little food pouches (5)- which she’s totally not into whatsoever.

Imma go’head and stick to those store-bought puffs. Or, you know, cut up fruit.

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