It’s the time of the month again. My baby is now 6 months! Another month, another milestone.

What’s new?

She flails her arms a lot – like a doctor bird. She multitasks (chew on toy with one hand, talk gibberish, play with feet with the other hand all while on FaceTime with my mom). She screams. She loves standing. She plays independently – as long as I’m within eye-shot.  She talks when she feels like it. Still smiles. Chuckles but not laughs. Oh she LOVES the alphabet song- many a screams are heard when we sing it. She wears 9 months pants and 6 months tops. She knows how to track something that passes behind her- tracking it to the other side of her. She’s eating solids. I slowed down on that because her stool became a bit too hard and hard to come out. She’s had carrot, peas, purple sweet potato, and butternut squash: all homemade. She loves it all. No faves as of yet. Also no fruit as of yet. She sleeps 4-6 hours at a time. I’m “sleep training” her to some degree. It’s a mixture of recommendations and listening to her as to what works. Hubby doesn’t love it but understands.

Oh and we leave for Martinique tomorrow afternoon. 3 flights and 2 countries this little girl has seen so far (counting this trip).

Jealous? No. Grateful.