My name is Janine.
I gave birth to my first child 6 months ago.
This is my mid-section.
I am 5’10 and about 160lbs (Idk I don’t own a scale).


There are women looking this image that instantly feel good about themselves: “I’m not THAT bad” or “I had a baby and I looked better than that sooner”

There are women looking this image that instantly feel bad about themselves: “I look way worse than that and I didn’t even have a baby” or “I had a baby a year ago and I’m not that small”


Why compare at all – when it doesn’t serve us? Do either of the 2 perspectives empower you? Inspire you? Tap into your higher self? Get you closer to your goals in life?

You and I are no different, no matter how we look. I have days I love my body, I have days it’s just “meh.” Days of “I’m feeling myself” and days of “don’t look in my direction.” I’m never one thing ALL the time. Neither are you. We’re all a work in progress. Progress, by the way, towards our goals, not that which you see elsewhere.

I say all that to say: not all bodies are created equal. #stopcomparingyourself

And as you scroll down (only to compare yourself again) observe that inner voice, you are not her.

Besides, our (exterior)bodies should be the least of our worries. Worry about starting that business, being a better person, leaving less of a carbon footprint, getting out of debt, increasing that credit score, buying that house (or second house) 💅🏾, creating multiple revenue streams, lowering that cholesterol, getting that degree, finishing that book (cough cough). You get the point.

Again: Stop comparing. We’re more than our bodies. Think bigger. Goal bigger.

PS: I wouldn’t trade this body for the world. I earned it.
PPS: My husband loves this tummy. He says it reminds him of my sacrifice s for our family.

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