I had a call this evening with a few gents who want to redirect my business web site to theirs- for a nominal fee.  The fee, I suppose, makes it fair.

I suggested another option. They of course preferred theirs. They obviously see value in my dormant domain name- as do I- and I’m not willing to take to their initial offer.
This could go the way of “knowing your worth” or even “only do things in the way you’re most comfortable/sit well with you”

I’m not sure what my message is here but I’m glad I stood on my own two. I did not (1) blindly take the offer of two men that (2) I knew nothing about before last week. Yes I’ve kissed a few frogs but am not scarred by that experience. I’ve learned my lessons.

I can pass these lessons down and/or hope that you learn your lessons as quickly as possible through your personal experiences. It’s my hope as a mother that I prepare you for the world – with all the advice, suggestions, recommendations laced with life experience and wisdom. But a big part of me knows that you have to not only learn your lessons but earn them as well. I have a lot of answers but I don’t have all of them- and I might not even have them in a way that connects with how you receive them. I am not the end all be all. I will never perpetrate to be that either. You are your own person and I respect you (since day one) for that. I’m here to learn how it is you learn- so that I may teach in a way that you receive. And point you in the direction where you can gain the most from your experience here.