Tonight is quite a trying night for us. My daughter seemingly refuses to sleep and I’m tired of trying to put her down. When will sleepiness win? For her that is.

This is my 4 attempt to put her to sleep. I currently watching her in the monitor awaiting her groaning to tire and fall asleep. If I didn’t have upstairs and downstairs neighbors, I would have already gone to sleep and let her cry it out by now. But I’m courteous/hate to be “that neighbor” so I pick her up when it’s getting way too loud and way too late. The time is something passed 1am and I’m spent. She, on the other hand, seems to be making vowel sounds with bursts of crying in between. Why fight it? Sleep is soooo good.  I think this is because I had a latte recently. I told the barista decaf but I think she slipped me a Mickey and gave me regular. This is my only explanation for this lack of sleep audibly coming from the other room. I have half a mind to bring her in here with me for the night. Until she gets her mind right. If it gets bad again, that’s what we’re doing. We all need the sleep: her, I, and the neighbors above and below us.