Cheat Day again?!

This is from facebook….and it was pulled from what I wrote in my book this morning. By the way, I woke up at 5am to feed the baby. I stayed up and sat at the computer to write. I wrote with no agenda and magic happened. When I blabber on, something brilliant eventually comes out. I looked ONLY at my fingers, worried nothing about typos – as they would slow me down. I typed and typed away. Then at some point I was itching to check my facebook. I set a timer for 5 minutes and went to FB. I honored the timer (HUGE for me) and commenced to writing. It was great. I look forward to this process again. This go ’round I wrote about 1000 words. Not great, but not horrible either. Proud of myself, I was (Yoda speak).

my fb post:

A Change in Perspective:
My adult brain has been conditioned to dislike whining. The sound of it is annoying, it’s sign of weakness, it’s immature and lacks refinement. That’s to my adult brain…
My daughter has recently started whining (more often and more intentionally). My adult brain could easily get annoyed or upset when I hear it but then “mom brain” kicks in.
For her, whining is a super power. She knows what she wants and communicates (the best she knows how) to get it. She has a voice, dammit, and she will be And for a being who can’t articulate the language yet, she’s doing her absolute best. Two months ago, this was impossible and probably inconceivable to her. Whining (at least right now) is an achievement. I should be proud.

(come check me in 5 years when she knows the damn language and still whines…see how much of an achievement it is then – haha) ‪#‎GlassCaseOfEmotions‬

But seriously, it’s a privilege to have a child who has all her faculties in tact. Not all babies are created equal. Not all births go smoothly. Not all children have eyesight, can hear, have speech or fine motor skills, have a regular heartbeat, or grow at a “normal” rate. Heck, not all women have the opportunity to be a mother. All of the above are privileges. None lost on me.

Happy Monday