I’m looking for ways to streamline my life because sometimes it feels like I’m drowning.

I told someone today, my life feels never ending to-do list…like things are never complete.

Between making sure the refrigerator and cabinets are fully stocked, snacks at the ready, never running out of toothpaste or body soap or dish soap, keeping stock of trash bags, laundry detergent, printer paper, the soda stream fizz and diaper genie ….to paying the bills on time, making sure lunch meat is available for Wednesdays, making sure dinner is ready when folks get hungry….to spending most of my waking hours with an infant child (making sure she’s healthy, fed, loved, bathed, read to, her nails are cut every other day), to being there for my teenage stepson, to being a compassionate, present, interesting wife (and hopefully a sex kitten too) for my husband, to making time for myself (staying hydrated, eating regularly, meditation, exfoliation, exercise, read a book and not just articles etc). Oh and have the energy to do all of the above.

So the streamlining. Here are my ideas:

find meals I could cook that will last more than one night. Leftovers are our friend. Cooking everyday is a rookie move. I have to get out of this cycle.

cook dinner earlier in the day. So the pressure of off in the evening, and when I have the energy to do it

maybe use a crock pot. Set it and forget it. I’m all about that. Do you know how many man hours I get back if I do that?!

make a timer for drinking water. I get dehydrated and get headaches. Not good for me or my family

have healthy snacks available in the house and easy-make foods so I can eat anytime I’m hungry or just snack all day. At least I won’t be eating lunch at 4pm.

plan dates for my friends to watch my daughter (i.e. Watch her while I get my nails done or take this yoga class)

take advantage of fresh direct more often. Groceries to my door= a godsend.

pick a low-maintenance hairstyle. It takes time to do my hair and if it were off my todo list, it would make a world of a difference!

consult with other stay-at-home moms. What do THEY do to streamline? I could learn from an OG. No use trying to reinvent the wheel.

put the baby down. She’s cute, but allow her to sit alone sometimes.

count my wins throughout the day whether that’s via a checked off todo list or a recap at the end of the day.
This is a long list. Not to be implemented all at once, just suggestions and a glimmer of hope for a different life.

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