My friend is a hip hop artist and he had a show tonight. He texted me weeks ago. It was a picture of the flyer and a note saying “find a sitter.” My response “challenge accepted.”

Tonight was the show! Hubby was home with the little one and I went out to the show. Come to find out, one of my husband’s friends planned to be at the show too so we met there and sat together.

My friend did about a dozen unreleased songs and few released ones. It was a damn good night. Did I mention that the show started at 12:30…ish? I feel like a damn rockstar!

I don’t know the last time I was out this late (heading home at 3:08am)! Actually, it’s been about 10 months. I went out to a bar 2 blocks from my house (while I was 4 months pregnant) this passed New Year’s. I danced my ass off that night. Tonight was more chill but still so so fun!

I’m dead tired (fortunately, I took a nap earlier) and my eyes burn a little from merely being open at this hour. And I’m not sure what this means for my energy tomorrow, but tonight, I had fun.

I’m fortunate for the opportunity to have a life outside of my family and familial role.

Cheers to more nights like this!