Tomorrow marks the 4 “monthiversary” of when we met! Has the time flown by? Nope. It still feels like a proper four months have passed- in the best way.

I’m compelled to write to you today so here it goes.

Aya Shakti,

May you always have an inner listening. There’s a voice inside of you that will guide you every step of the way. It will never steer you wrong. There will be some opposing and fear-based voice that develops over time – that is not you. You will learn how to differentiate the two. In the face of the fear-based voice, may you always follow what your higher self guides you to do.  

Listen to the voice that guides you to follow your dream. The one that allows you to allow. The voice that won’t stop you from dancing, or singing, or fully expressing yourself. Listen to the voice that opens your heart- to yourself and to others. The voice that fosters compassion. The voice that shatters doubts and pulls you to extraordinary. Listen to the voice that keeps you on your path to fulfill your purpose. That voice will forever be with you. And if there is ever a time you cannot hear it, find your stillness, reconnect to the divine and …just..listen.

There aren’t many guarantees in life, but I can guarantee that that inner voice will be with you as long as you are here. It’s a gift. Treasure it. Make good use of it.

I loved before I met you (just a mere 4 months ago).