It’s been happening for several days now, maybe even weeks. Today sealed the deal.

Today my daughter looked at me in sheer admiration. It’s present in her smile and how she lights up every time she sees me but also undeniably beaming from her eyes when I’m with her.

Maybe before this I was a source of food and comfort but now, I think she actually likes me. 🙂 (jokes)

It’s a beautiful thing to experience. To be the object of someone’s admiration in such a pure way. It’s a special version of admiration: child to parent. It’s very new to me. I’ve been admired by my spouse, my parents, my sister, family members, strangers, colleagues. This one is completely different than anything I’ve ever experienced. It comes from a genuine, pure place and has no ulterior motive. There are times when she locks her sights on me and no other sound can break her gaze. There’s depth in her stares.

I’m blessed to experience this. I will forever cherish that look.