I’ve been a card carrying member of the itty-bitty titty committee for most of my life. A proud member (after high school), but today is a new day.

I have these newfound boobs due to all the breastfeeding I’m doing and with that come all types of changes. My shirts fit differently, new bras have been acquired and a tad bit more hygiene is necessary, specifically in the summer months.

You see, there’s this smell. A smell that my husband affectionately calls, “t—y funk” that I can no long deny exists.

I assume that you big boob gals have had experience with this. You know exactly what smell I’m talking about. By now, you know how to prepare for it. You know what triggers it. You know the remedy for it. You know how to hide it. Hell, you could write the book on boobage all together. This is all very new to me and I’m not usually a part of your crew, but could a sister have gotten a heads up?

There have been days when I keep checking my armpits KNOWING I put on deodorant, then I remember there’s a pocket of skin under my breast that wasn’t there before. I find myself sniffing my bras (along with my armpits – super classy!) and using baby wipes as a makeshift soap and water until I can take yet another cool shower for the day.

But hey, if it comes with the territory of having a baby, I will deal. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world. Bring on the t*funk!