Tonight is the first night I will put my daughter to sleep in her crib, in her room. For three months now, she’s been in a bassinet right next to our bed, in our room. It makes late night feedings super seamless and lowers all anxiety about her sleeping conditions. But tonight, baby, I’m putting her in another room. Why? Because I want to luxury of having sex without trying to wake up our roommate (in the most literal sense). Yeah that “sleeping in the bassinet” thing is cool until you can’t moan the way you want to, or can’t make the bed shake of for fear of waking up your three month old.

TONIGHT though?! Oh we’re going in. Like there’s a babysitter. Like no one’s home. Like…before the baby was here.

Sure, a monitor will be in the room, but guess who’s NOT in the room: an actual baby.
Goodbye guilt. Goodbye anxiety. Goodbye micro-moans. Goodbye pillow biting (no wait, you can stay).

Signing off. To get off.
(Yeah I said it)