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Living The Dream

#NewMomThoughts By September 8, 2015 No Comments

I used to work at an investment bank and I noticed a catchy phrase people would say to each other: “living the dream.” For example, as two men pass each other in the hallway, one man would say “Hey Bob, how’s it going?” and Bob would reply “living the dream!” The exchange was over and the men parted their ways.

It was always a very strange exchange to me. I did not, for one second, believe that these men actually believed that they were living their dream. This, coming from a person who got that job via a temp agency. It was the furthest thing from my dream, so maybe I was projecting…just a tad. It came off as an ironic inside joke among the men in the office.


Earned My Stripes

#NewMomThoughts By September 6, 2015 No Comments

Today was the first day that I allowed my daughter (now three months and 1 day) to “cry herself to sleep.” WOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was tough.

After a semi-long day out and about. Truthfully it was probably 4 hours. I only planned to be out for two hours or so. I put her in a carrier and packed a fanny pack as our “diaper bag” for the day. It fit the essentials: 3 diapers, a pouch of wipes, a disposable changing pad, a pair of socks if she were to get cold.


Three Months Old

#NewMomThoughts By September 5, 2015 No Comments

Today my daughter turned 3 months old.

Some say, “oh my how the time flies” …not for me. It feels like it’s been 3 months since I’ve met this little lady.
We’ve had a full three months of gazing into each other’s eyes during breastfeeding. Three months of being equally sleepy during the overnight feedings. And three full months of trying to understand the other’s language – there’s tons of progress is being made by the way.


Bouncing Back

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It’s not about “bouncing back” to my pre-baby size/weight. It’s more about getting to know and falling in love with this new body. A body that carried another human life. A body that now knows it’s magical powers. This body didn’t exist this time last year. It’s impossible and foolish to want to “bounce back” to her. It’s almost like trying to be a virgin again: impossible.