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Books and Babies

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Recently, I went to a “Books and Babies” event hosted by the local library. The age range for this event was 0-18 months. My daughter is in that age range so off we went.  I didn’t have any huge expectations, really. I imagined a woman reading books to a small group of children sitting quietly in a circle. I thought my daughter might enjoy it. When I read to her, she loves it. Why not do it with other babies? Right? Right.


Doing The Most

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In “New Moms Be Doing The Most” news:

I give my daughter these puffs (1) to snack on and work on her motor skills . The gift that keeps on giving, those things. Then one day I thought to myself, “I bet I can make them myself, but with better ingredients.” So I head on down to Pinterest


I am enough

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My daughter is such a pure and profound reminder that I am enough.

To her, I don’t need to change myself to fulfill her needs. I don’t need makeup, heels, a cute outfit, a filter, a body shaper, or retouching. My self, my body, my love, as is, is enough.


Bouncing Back

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It’s not about “bouncing back” to my pre-baby size/weight. It’s more about getting to know and falling in love with this new body. A body that carried another human life. A body that now knows it’s magical powers. This body didn’t exist this time last year. It’s impossible and foolish to want to “bounce back” to her. It’s almost like trying to be a virgin again: impossible.